At Raydon, Inc., our objective is to make the complex tasks manageable and deliver quality construction projects while minimizing disruptions to your ongoing operations.

We understand the issues you face…
• how do I get started?
• how do I control costs?
• will my project stay on schedule?
• can I minimize disruptions to my business?
• where do I find the right people to do all of this?

Raydon Construction specializes in:
• Metal Building Fabrication
• Site Work & Development
• Asphalt Parking Lots and Repairs
• General Oil Field Construction


Asphalt repair requires an entirely different set of responsibilities. Unlike new paving, these jobs usually are performed at ongoing places of business. Raydon realizes that public safety and tenant convenience are vitally important. A project manager will work with you to coordinate your project safely, and in such a way that disruption to your business is minimized.

Raydon, Inc. attributes it’s successful reputation as an asphalt and paving contractor on a few simple principals:
• the ability to listen to your needs
• respond quickly with realistic bids
• quality oriented execution

We are committed to providing time saving, cost-effective solutions that meet the demands of schedule and budget. Superior materials, premium equipment, and expert field people ensure a successful project outcome.

General Oil Field Construction

Raydon is an expert in general oil field construction. In everything we do, from design and construction of facilities to scheduled maintenance, we take a “value-added” approach when working with clients.


Where site work is a stand-alone project and requires more than standard earthwork and utility construction, we apply our project management procedures to select and coordinate specialty contractors, work with local government and utility organizations, and provide specific building pad preparations as required by the project specifics.

If you are interested in working collaboratively and want a partner who will guide you in:

• where to start
• how to develop a plan
• or how to solve your specific work site needs