Construction Industry Surge in Business

The construction industry is on par to experience a surge in business in 2014. Industry experts forecast an anticipated surge nationwide, especially in transportation construction, possibly reaching $135 billion in revenue. This is great news locally, not only for the economic benefit it brings to Abilene, but also for the possibilities of new projects in construction. (reference-

To have growth in this sector of the economy is an indication of an upswing in the overall economic outlook. It means that businesses are moving away from the more guarded nature many enterprises have had in the past several years and are actively looking to build. Companies looking to expand and build out their services and offerings using new facilities will face a series of challenges before breaking ground on their project. It is our mission to not only achieve the building goals for our clients, but also address the challenges they will face head-on with them before beginning to build.

When a construction project begins, a series of tasks must first be addressed and managed for the project to go according to the established schedule. Most projects operate with a set budget for the overall construction and an adjustable budget line for handling any unexpected issues. It is important to plan on the chance that a disruption or extenuating issue come up before it happens so that time and money are not miss spent to correct the problem.

Our project managers work closely with clients to not only manage these possibilities, but work to minimize them from the start. Minimizing disruptions keeps projects finishing on time and on budget, and ensures a better experience for the client.

Other issues common to construction projects include controlling costs and utilizing the best work force to see the project through to completion. All businesses deal with finding the right people to perform their job assignments with integrity and excellence. If a worker in construction is not experienced and trained in the area of work they are assigned to prior to working on a project, they won’t be assigned to work for us in that capacity. It doesn’t do clients any good to have a novice training on the job while using up time and resources. Utilizing a specially trained construction team with both experience and expertise in the work they do ensures that our projects will stay on schedule and that disruptions are minimized.

As we continue into the year, be on the lookout for new construction sites in our area including metal buildings, warehouses, and athletic facilities. We look forward to the new opportunities that will present themselves this year.